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Clinical Supervision

Fostering the Next Generation of Mental Health Professionals

At Thrive Therapy, we’re dedicated to the professional growth and development of the next generation of therapists. Our clinical supervision services, available to graduate students in the mental health counseling field seeking licensure in Florida or Texas, offer a comprehensive mentorship experience. Through guidance, feedback, and support, we help aspiring therapists enhance their clinical skills, deepen their understanding of therapeutic practices, and navigate the path to licensure with confidence. We also provide supervision for clinicians who want to be Registered Play Therapist.

Studying to become a counselor
Studying to become a counselor

Our Supervision Approach

Our supervision is grounded in a collaborative, supportive framework that emphasizes real-world application, ethical considerations, and continuous learning. Supervisees gain hands-on experience, working under the guidance of experienced therapists who are committed to sharing their knowledge and insights.

Why Choose Thrive Therapy for Clinical Supervision?

Expert Guidance
Learn from seasoned therapists with a wide range of specialties and therapeutic approaches.

Professional Development
Enhance your clinical skills, build confidence, and prepare for a successful career in mental health counseling.

Flexible Scheduling
We understand the demands of graduate education and offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs.

Studying to become a counselor

Embark on Your Professional Journey

If you’re a graduate student in the mental health counseling field looking for clinical supervision in Florida or Texas, Thrive Therapy is here to support your professional journey. Contact us today for more information about our clinical supervision services and how we can help you achieve your career goals.