Cancellation Policy

Why a Late Cancelation or No Show Policy is Important to Your Treatment

At Thrive Therapy we value our clients time and commitment to treatment, therefore we reserve for you a full hour of our time for your session and clinical notes. If it is necessary for you to cancel an appointment, a notice of 48 business hours (2 business days) is required prior to your scheduled appointment day and time or the full fee for services of $135.00 will be charged to your credit card on file. A cancelled appointment delays our work and we are rarely able to fill a cancelled session unless our office in notified at least 48 hours in advance. In the case of inclement weather and/or illness of the therapist, the therapist will notify you by telephone prior to your scheduled session of the cancelation. Otherwise, all sessions will continue as scheduled for your reserved time slot. If you cancel two consecutive times, you will be at risk of losing your designated time slot for your appointment. If you provide a late cancelation or do not show for your appointment, you will be charged the day of your missed appointment via your credit card on file the full fee for service of $135.00

So What’s the Big Deal?

Having a cancellation policy is very important for your success in treatment and our counseling practice for several reasons including;

Commitment and Consistency Benefits the Therapeutic Relationship
Starting counseling can be an emotional and confusing time, so setting up expectations for commitment from the start is beneficial to your treatment success. At Thrive, you know what to expect when you attend sessions with us and know that our services are consistent across our practice. Therapy tends to be most helpful to people who view their appointments as an important and valuable component to their lives or their child’s lives.

Consistency is key to counseling. Clients who make counseling a priority and attend regular sessions in alignment with their treatment plan generally experience quicker and more lasting positive change in their lives. Building a foundation of trust with your therapist can take time. Clients who miss appointments break the momentum that they’ve gained with their therapist. We also believe that consistency results in longer-lasting, positive outcomes for our clients.

Healthy Boundaries Promote Growth
Our cancellation policy is not a penalty or a punishment. The vast majority of our clients understand that enforcing the policy is meant to help maintain healthy boundaries. People feel safe with boundaries, people build trust with healthy boundaries. We want to send the message that we follow through with the policy we have clearly set in advanced and do what we say we will. You want to know that your therapist is honest and takes your treatment seriously. Feeling safe in the therapeutic relationship helps facilitate an environment for growth.

It’s Your Session Slot
We strive to schedule sessions consistently at the same time, same day, each week to help you with scheduling your life and other commitments. Having your specific time slot helps minimize the likely hood of you having a scheduling conflict or forgetting about your appointment, thus less likely for the cancelation fee to be charged. We understand that life happens; you’ll need to work late, you’ll get a sudden onset of the flu, your car will break down, or something unavoidable will come up. We are never upset with clients when they miss an appointment and we know it happens. In return, our clients understand that scheduling an appointment is like buying tickets to an event. If you miss the event, it doesn’t matter why you missed it, or even if it was your first time, you cannot turn in your tickets for a refund.

Missed Productivity Time
When a client cancels late or no shows we miss the opportunity to use that time productively. We could be home with our families, grabbing lunch, or catching up on other work. Instead the therapist spends time during the slot you may have no showed trying to check in and see if you are ok or waiting to see if you will show up.

Sessions Are Preplanned
Our therapist are thinking about you and your care outside of your actual session by getting activities and resources prepared well in advanced. We do not just sit down with clients for their scheduled slots and wing it. The mental health counseling relationship is unique in comparison to other medical doctors where there may be minimal prep-work for the individual patient seen prior to their appointment. While a medical doctor can see 35 patients in a day, a full time therapist generally sees approximately 20-25 clients in an entire week. If a client cancels with less than a full 48 hours notice, we will not be able to fill that time slot and lose an entire hour of work from our schedule and all of the preplanning goes uncompensated.

Therapy is Also A Financial Commitment
Clients who are truly committed to receiving the highest quality care should be financially committed to seeing their treatment plan through from start to finish. Habitually canceling or not showing for your appointments doesn’t get you the best “bang for your buck” in terms of progress for the financial investment. Our therapists have extensive experience in working in the mental health field. They also have special credentials in highly sought-after modalities that they’ve completed additional training to master. There is a direct connection between the rates we charge and the quality of services that you receive.

Full Rate Instead of Partial Rate
We charge the full session rate to ensure that you remain committed to the therapy process. Charging a reduced fee makes it easier to be less committed to the therapeutic process because it’s not as big of a “financial hit”. Some clients weigh out a reduced cancel fee as a “throw away” amount of money, especially when they don’t feel up to attending session or it may feel inconvenient that day to stay committed to attendance. A reduced cancelation fee has been shown to cause clients to be more likely to cancel or no show and this ultimately impacts your progress through treatment in a timely manner.

We Have A Waitlist
Thrive Therapy is recognized as a high quality and sought after practice for treatment. We consistently have a waitlist of adults and children needing services in our area. Enforcing our cancelation policy allows for clients needing services to receive them. You wouldn’t want to stay on the waitlist for months while other clients are not committed to treatment and taking up valuable time that you could be getting help for yourself or child. Many of your fellow residents who need our help are unable to receive the care that they so desperately need when you don’t show up to your appointment or cancel your session with less than 48 business hours notice. It pains us to know that this is the case and others miss out.

Practice Expenses Don’t Change
You should understand that our overhead expenses don’t decrease if a client chooses not to attend their appointment. Overhead expenses remain the same regardless of whether a client shows up for their appointment or not. We’re still obligated to pay our rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance, our therapists’ salaries, and other expenses for every appointment that we have available and our doors are open.

The costs associated with running a private practice like Thrive Therapy are significant. We offer high-quality services and personalized care. Larger mental health agencies treat clients more like a number instead of as a person.
Having habitual late client cancelations or no shows drastically impacts our ability to provide personalized treatment in a private practice setting.

We very much appreciate you putting your trust in us to care for you or your child here at Thrive Therapy! We thank you in advance for understanding how our cancellation policy is aimed at protecting you and your therapists’ respective interests. If you have any further questions or concerns we would be happy to address them. Thank you for understanding!