The teenage years can be seen as the most difficult for an individual. Being a teenager in today’s society makes parenting more difficult than ever. The demands of the average teenager’s lifestyle can make it difficult for them to juggle their values, gender roles, religion, academic achievements and future endeavors.  It is not uncommon for teens to struggle with emotional concerns to include; depression, social or situational anxiety, low self-esteem, and difficulty expressing emotions to name a few. Behavioral based concerns that teens may include; defiance, substance abuse, bullying, lack of impulse control, fighting, and being easily influenced by peers.

The treatment and approach for working with teens is unique. Here at Thrive Therapy we believe that trust within the therapeutic relationship is key to the success of treatment with adolescents. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach with teens because no two teens are exactly alike. Through the use of expressive arts (i.e. art, journaling, dance & movement, music) the teen can resolve interpersonal conflicts, learn ways to cope with difficult emotions, and communicate needs, wants and emotions effectively.

The treatment of teenagers is much more beneficial when the family is on board. Parental support and guidance aids in the teens psychological growth and emotional well being. It is important to note that patience on the behalf of parents can be a critical component to their progress.