Fees & Policies

Financial Responsibility

At Thrive Therapy, we value our clients right to privacy and to have a voice in their care during the therapeutic process, therefore we do not accept insurance. Therapists that accept insurance work under the constraints of the managed care companies and are not always able to provide the quality of services you or your child deserves. We want to provide you with the below information regarding why we do not accept insurance benefits for mental health services so that you can make an educated decision regarding your or your child’s care.

    • You may not get approved for the sessions you need
      Insurance companies regulate how many sessions they will cover for a client, without regard for how frequently or how long a client may need to be seen. They don’t know your individual needs in a therapy session or what will work best for your family, their focus is on the monetary numbers.
    • Your or your child’s privacy is lost with a mandatory diagnosis
      Since we do not accept insurance, our clients are afforded full privacy during the therapeutic process. We are not obligated to provide the insurance company with information regarding your mental health, including a diagnosis. Insurance companies require therapists to provide a mental health diagnosis for all mental health claims submitted in order for them to possibly be covered, even for children. Thrive Therapy feels it’s critical to provide parents with this information regarding mental health diagnosis being permanent on their child’s health records. We have seen many times clients choose to use their insurance benefits for mental health services and their child’s private health information is provided to the insurance company, including a diagnosis, for them to only be approved for a hand full of sessions, or not at all.

      The majority of Thrive Therapy’s clients are not struggling with a mental illness. Our clients may have come to us for support and to acquire new skills or strategies for the changes happening in their lives. For example, insurance will not cover support services in relation to divorce, communication, parent education, and/or grief unless accompanied by a diagnosis.

    • You lose your ability to choose your therapist based on specialty
      We find it important for you to have the choice of seeing a therapist that you choose instead of having to pick from a panel of therapist on your insurance plan that may not have the expertise you are needing.  The therapist at Thrive Therapy have 12 years of combined experience in the specializations of play therapy, EMDR, trauma, mood disorders, and behavioral concerns that add great value to your dollars spent. Our referrals do not come from insurance companies. Families choose Thrive Therapy because of our reputation of providing high quality services.
    • Insurances may pay upfront initially, however may request you reimburse them
      If you use your insurance benefits, the insurance company may not cover services, causing you to foot an unexpected bill. In addition, we have seen insurance companies initially pay out for your services, but to then come back months later to the client and request reimbursement due to not paying out in accordance to your plan or because you have secondary health insurance they feel should be paying instead. 
Cost of Therapy

Our fees vary depending on the type of service that is provided and are competitive with other mental health practitioners in the area.

Biopsychosocial assessment
Individual therapy sessions
Family therapy sessions

$165.00 per 60 minute session
$135.00 per 50 minute session
$235.00 per 1 hour and 30 minute session.

Please be advised that the fee for service is due at the time the service is rendered. Payments can be provided via cash, check, and/or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. All credit card transactions will accrue a 3.00% convenience fee. For returned checks you will be charged the current bank fee of $20.00. Returned checks must be picked up within three (3) business days and the full amount due including the bank fee must be paid in cash.

Out-of-Network Reimbursement

Many insurance policies may reimburse for out-of-network therapists, but only after your deductible has been met. We would be happy to provide you with an invoice if you choose to request reimbursement from your insurance company. You would be responsible for paying for services in full upfront and then can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Once again, your insurance company will not process your claim for reimbursement without a diagnosis of a mental disorder. For more information on how out-of-network billing works, check out our FAQs page.

Limitation of Services

We offer outpatient psychotherapy, consultation, and educational services only. This practice is not geared to aid in the case of emergency. While we do maintain an after-hours voicemail service, this does not guarantee the availability of emergency psychotherapy coverage. Should you require emergency services after hours, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. For after hours mental health resources in Lee County, call SalusCare at (239) 275-3222. For Collier County, call David Lawrence Center at (239) 455-8500.